My spectrum includes


Everyone has a right to live their sexuality. Your wheelchair is a minor matter to me. Crutches, walking difficulties, malformed limbs - no reason to refuse a session with you. Express your wishes.
My experience in dealing with clients who have a disability are so far assessable. However I am open, empathic and keen to explore new things in this regard with you. Communication is everything and with the help of an open preliminary talk about your physical particularity we will implement your inclinations and your wishes during a session.

Play out your domination over me as a wheelchair user. As your usable slave, my place is kneeling at your feet from where I humbly look up to you and long for your hard hand.

Provided you would like to experience some soft dominance yourself you will name me your sexual preferences besides your particular limits and taboos under whose consideration I internalise your body. Whether I abuse you or get my sexual satisfaction off you while you are defenseless, we discuss in advance.

Our imagination is only set by the limits we put down ourselves. Even for the handicapped beginner to whom BDSM is completely uncharted territory I like to be a playful temporate Concubine.