Independent BDSM & fetish escort, party & club chaperonage, discreet home & hotel visits and overnights for the generous epicureer

During my study I recognized that I was fascinated by "Story of O". I was to such an extent captured of the sexual, submissive and free willing to be at a Master's mercy that I began to gather my first experiences. Subsequently the urge to experiement increased and I realized: That is exactly my role!

Now I utterly live within this humility, gladly regaling my Master and also swap, if desired, roles in an imaginative manner, i.e. if my Master desires I'm also the active part. It should be a bizarre, thrilling session which satisfies both partners – in every sense!


An interpersonal encounter should be equally relevant as our enjoyment of physical passion with all senses and with all imaginable varieties of playful actions.

My preferences are not necessarily located in a masochistic range though a bit of carnal castigation excites my mental cinema.

My fortitutes rather lie within the department of classical humility. I am your servant of passion and this with every fiber in my body. Your wishes are my challenge, to obey you and to regale you in every manner conceivable, always of course in due consideration of my taboos and our mutual healthiness.


On to a multi-faceted journey I'll follow you as devoted usable playmate, and I crave for you shaping my submissive temper into your plaything of your lust. I will serve you, be obedient to you, you will pander yourself on me with all your appetites and moods, physically as well as psychically.


The avid gentleman will demand much from me; you will dominate me and I'm going to have to endure your verbal and sadistic habitude. Commands are my passion, commands which enhance the irresistible arousal of my Master. Being robbed of my senses partly through a blindfold or a gag I consider a peculiar appeal, and I relish the infinite excitement...

As well for the Master for whom lived out dominance is new ground will I be a docile sensual cocotte für your first steps into BDSM territory.


I am the gateway to your dark fantasies. Let us realise our desire together! My aspiration is to leave you happy and satisfied after our together-time – to have created moments which you happily enjoy to remember.


I am seldom bookable for spontaneous sessions as I exercise a job, furthermore my mobility is restricted on the availability of local public transport.


Should you not look for a topmodel but a quintessentially naturally-inclined submissive servant with whom you can communicate on a sophisticated level and in addition should you be a respecable, eloquent gentleDom beyond a session then our delightful game can begin... Much is possible, from soft to moderately difficult treatment – please read more information in my section List of Kinks.


Bizarre regards,