My spectrum includes


To the reliable gentleman I offer exceedingly discreet home and hotel visits.

Since my natural charisma and my clothing style indicate nothing of which you could be brigaded with as a neighbour or hotel guest, absolute discretion is ensured.


When though I am going to undress myself in your desired manner and stand in front of you with my donned wrist and anklebands, our game of exhilarating pleasure can begin...

Eventfully I will submit myself in a fashion which might be unfamiliar to you.

My temper is the subject of sensual, bizarre submission and my heart will pound of excitement if possibly you don a blindfold on me and I have to feel for you in order to satisfy your wishes. If I have to squall of lust, then my Master will maybe hinder me by putting on a gag or rather savour it...

Kurtisane de Sade

Also for the dominant beginner I'll be usable and slip in a imaginative sexual game if desired.


For the fancier of girlfriend erotic I am widely frank and open since I fiercly love to kiss and bilateral touches are a bliss to me. All worldly pleasures of life should come to dedication thus they inflame my libido!


I adore roleplaying games of all kind, e.g. as your patient, secretary, maidservant or as your secret girlfriend. Self-evidently we could switch roles during the game which I find very thrilling.


I would be delighted if I get to visit you soon at home or in an elevated hotel.