My spectrum includes


As Kurtisane de Sade during an overnight I am going to experience your most clandestine, bizarre and utterly darkest wishes.


In a perfect interplay our predispositions will amend each other. I am going to dedicate myself to your eagerness a whole night. Be it that you shackle me and use me constantly or that I have to lay next to you having a breast bonday waiting in anticipation not knowing what happens next, because I am not invulnerable to the surprises of my Master...

The fantasy knows no limits. My Master knows how to take me determinedly.

Should you be a novice I will offer you subtle assistance.

To ease getting started on an overnight we gladly might enjoy dinner first if it meets the wishes of my Master.

Kurtisane de Sade

I am anxious to see what you're going to do with me... Be assured my excitement will be immense, because permanently not knowing what happens next has an enormous impact on my sexuality.


The general timeframe of an overnight amounts electively 12 hours (regular overnight) or 15 hours (long overnight). An individual duration can be settled as well upon personal agreement.